Breakfast of Champions: Scromelette

20140803-132000-48000299.jpg Whenever I go home, my dad will wake up on the weekends and make us a delicious, hearty breakfast of his own creation. I’ve named his scrambled omelette a “Scromelette”… Super delicious and very straightforward to make. Like a traditional omelette, you can make it with a variety of different ingredients. The only difference here is that it isn’t as technique-sensitive and you can make a whole bunch of it to feed many at a time. Today’s Scromelette had;20140803-132308-48188625.jpg

Chopped mushrooms

Chopped onions (about a quarter med-sized onion and one chopped green onion/scallion)

Chopped ham

American cheese (in my opinion, one of the best kinds to use with eggs)

And of course, eggs!

*Hot Tip! Cook bacon in a pan first, then set aside. Pour out most of the grease and burnt bits, leaving only a light coating of bacon grease. Cook your eggs in THAT- it adds a great smoky, bacon-y flavor… Who doesn’t want that?!

Anyways, to put the Scromelette together, toss about a half to full tbsp butter in your (hopefully bacon-greased) pan. Toss in the onions and ham along with the mushrooms. The mushrooms will soak up a lot of the liquid. Once browned, toss in your scrambled eggs, pinch of salt, and some pepper. Once they start cooking up, toss in about a slice of American cheese per serving you’re preparing ( I used 2 slices for 4 eggs). VoilĂ … You’re breakfasting like a champion



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